Paraguay Revealed – dedicated new website

Paraguay Revealed – A dedicated new website to one of South America’s lesser explored countries.

Paraguay is a country of immense charm and character with friendly, engaging people and an interesting, often tragic, history.  The country has often been neglected by the west, overshadowed by the big and powerful economies of neighbouring Argentina and Brazil.  Paraguay is striving to become a modern, young and dynamic country with much to offer, with a new generation of talented, well-educated and professional people  leading the way (both politically and in business) to a brighter future.

In recent years we have seen improvements in tourism infrastructure, which, if implemented carefully and thoughtfully, with an eye for long term benefit rather than short term gain, will provide employment, income and positive development which will help enable Paraguay to emerge from the shadows.


Monday Falls

The Missions

Itaipu Dam

The Chaco

Itagua and San Bernardino




San Ignacio Guazu


Cuidad del Este

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